Recognition for our Rear Admiral Shaffer, nominations for police advisory board needed, details on next Council meeting

After a few of my remarks, you will find a summary of what’s on the agenda for Monday’s Council meeting. This will be our last virtual meeting.

Recognition of Ward 7’s retired Rear Admiral

Of special note is that we will be providing a Council Citation/recognition of Ward 7 (BayWoods) resident Rear Admiral Guy Shaffer, for his continual contributions to our community. He has been instrumental in getting the effort started to protect Carrs Beach, finding a home for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB), and supporting the Annapolis Maritime Museum's Moyer Park campus. 

Police Advisory Board nominations needed

The City of Annapolis Mayor’s Office is seeking individuals to serve on the Anne Arundel County Police Accountability Board (PAB), which is being created in compliance with Maryland state law and must be seated by July 1, 2022. The Board creates an opportunity for community members to play a critical role in accountability and transparency in police practices and policy in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis. In addition to reviewing individual cases, Board members may take an active role in serving as liaisons between Annapolis communities, the City of Annapolis, the Annapolis Police Department, the Police Accountability Board and the Administrative Charging Committee. Civilian oversight is an evolving process, as recent events in Anne Arundel and beyond have emphasized the need for resident input in law enforcement and community policing, making the Police Accountability Board’s work more important than ever. If you are interested in serving on this board, please let me know.

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Next Virtual Council meeting – 3/28/22 (agenda)

This Council meeting is starting at 7pm and will be televised on local cable, Facebook, and the City website (

Anyone needing reasonable accommodation to be able to participate in a public meeting held by the City of Annapolis should contact Regina Watkins-Eldridge at 410.263.7942, by MD Relay (711), or by email at [email protected] at least five days prior to the meeting date to request assistance. You can submit public testimony at and sign up for live testimony.

Public hearings

  • O-12-22 - Special Events - For the purpose of clarifying special event permitting procedures; providing for certain exemptions; providing certain definitions; authorizing the promulgation of rules and regulations; and generally relating to special events.
  • R-15-22 - Anne Arundel County Coalition for Police Accountability Recommendations - For the purpose of expressing support for the recommendations of the Anne Arundel County Coalition for Police Accountability; and urging the County Executive and County Council to adopt those recommendations as amendments to HB 16-22 in establishing a Police Accountability Board. This is something that Alderman Gay and I have introduced. This is regarding County legislation that would implement the new Police Accountability Board (PAB) as required by the State legislation that past in 2021. The City doesn’t have an opportunity to create such a board because our police will be overseen by the County Board; as required by the State. Alderman Gay and I have introduced this legislation for the City Council to support the County legislation but also to support the recommended amendments from our Human Relations Commission. Both the County and City law offices are pushing back on some of their recommended amendments. In particular, there is one recommendation that the PAB, which per State design is primary tasked with recommending new policies, be given the power to subpeona and also be given paid investigators. The law offices seem to think this would go against what they say is the legislative intent to have each body have different powers, and this would step on the toes of another board, the Administrative Charging Committee (ACC). I disagree because I feel this just gives the PAB additional oversight options, which I’d argue is aligned with the overall legislative intent to increase police accountability. The City law office didn’t consider the overall legislative intent. It’s also important to point out that the state legislation doesn’t prohibit us doing this. Indeed, it doesn’t say we can or can’t. So I remain puzzled that the law office would use language stating that the State law prohibits us from making this change. Furthermore, we have received testimony from the ACLU stating their opinion that we can in fact do what is recommended in this legislation.

Legislation being introduced on First Reader

  • O-13-22 - Sidewalk Cafe - Defined - For the purpose of modifying the definition of sidewalk cafe. The purpose of this legislation is to cause the City Code provisions related to sidewalk cafés to apply to leased parklets where food, refreshments, and/or beverages are sold.
  • O-14-22 - Debit Card and Credit Card Payments - Convenience Fees - For the purpose of modifying the procedure for assessing convenience fees for payment of City services by debit card or credit card; and generally relating to processing convenience fees.
  • R-17-22 - The Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center - For the purpose of recognizing the vital resources provided by the Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center; and designating the Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center as the Annapolis City Ambassador to the Tall Sailing Ships and historic boats community in furtherance of the maritime heritage of Annapolis.
  • R-18-22 - Director of Planning and Zoning - Michael La Place, AICP, PP - For the purpose of expressly confirming the appointment of Michael La Place as the Director of Planning and Zoning; and consenting to compensate the Director.
  • R-19-22 - Water Service Agreement - 1049 Chesapeake Harbour Drive - For the purpose of authorizing a water service agreement providing for the extension of City water service to 1049 Chesapeake Harbour Drive located in Anne Arundel County; and generally relating to providing said water service.
  • R-20-22 - Affordable Housing Development - Spa Road Site - For the purpose of expressing the City Council's support for the use of the Spa Road Site as a mixed-use development with affordable housing as a key component; and generally relating to the Spa Road Site.

Legislation on second reader (i.e. final vote)

  • O-10-22 - Peddlers, Hawkers, and Itinerant Merchants - Time Restrictions - For the purpose of modifying the time period during which certain peddlers, hawkers, and itinerant merchants may conduct licensed activities. Changes the time they can start from 8am to 6am. I am inclined to support this legislation, pending any comments from you.
  • R-13-22 - Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis - Project Prioritization - For the purpose of approving a resolution that states the City desires to prioritize all Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA) redevelopment projects. I am inclined to support this legislation, pending any comments from you.
  • R-14-22 - City Sponsored Special Events in Fiscal Year 2022 - Amended - For the purpose of adding the Juneteenth Parade and Festival to the approved Fiscal Year 2022 City Sponsored Special Events; and providing for a waiver of certain related City fees. . I am inclined to support this legislation, pending any comments from you.

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