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Please see below for the normal briefing on our Monday Council meeting. Not too much going on.

Update on Budget

I do want to provide you with a few updates on the budget. Here are a few things relevant to Ward 7 that are in the budget as proposed:

  1. Edgewood sidewalk improvements: A Capital Improvement Project is in the budget to continue putting together a plan to add an improved sidewalk and lighting along Edgewood Rd in front of/along the Ellen Moyer Back Creek Park/Maritime Museum campus. I added this to the budget last year via amendment but it has not been completed yet.
  2. Bay Ridge sidewalk improvements: A Capital Improvement Project is in the budget to continue putting together a plan to add a sidewalk along Bay Ridge Ave in front of the Shell gas station and nearby church. I added this to the budget last year via amendment but it has not been completed yet.
  3. There is funding for improving/adding a crosswalk on Edgewood Rd across from Yachtsman Way. I believe I was told this should be completed by the end of summer.

Amendments to the budget that I am planning on moving forward with:

  1. $7,000 in one-time-use money for an Urban Tree Canopy assessment.
  2. $100,000 of one-time-use money to expand a climate change/resilience/sea level rise vulnerability assessment with recommendations to include Wards 2 & 4 (7 & 8 will already be included and most of the study should be funded by the new Resilience Authority).
  3. Potential adjustments of the Recreation & Parks fees, delaying the implementation of some newly proposed fees until we have time to discuss our approach with them. In particular, we are finding that some of our recreational fees for using facilities, such as the pool or athletic fields, can be rather burdensome for the non-profits and may be counterproductive in that they may drive registration fees up (an accessibility issue). Furthermore, if we have to keep entertaining requests to waive the fees, that is telling me the fees may be too high and need to be changed. 
  4. ~$75,000 in COVID relief money to add a legislative aide for the Council. We need help. Especially those of us with full time jobs.
  5. $50,000 of one-time-use money to put together a feasibility/conceptual study regarding a hiker/biker trail between Bay Ridge Ave and Tyler Ave, to see if it’s even feasible to do such a project and to determine what the benefits/risks may be to doing such a thing.

If you have thoughts on these please let me know. We will be discussing all of our proposed budget amendments next week, but they won’t be voted on for a another few weeks.

Recap of previous meeting

There was no legislation up for a final vote so not much to summarize from our last meeting.                 

Stay healthy and stay safe,


Next Council meeting – 5/22/23 (agenda)

This Council meeting is starting at 7pm and will be televised on local cable, YouTube, Facebook, and the City website.  You can submit public testimony at http://www.annapolis.gov/testimony. This will be an in-person meeting.

Public Hearings

  • O-14-23 - Annual Budget and Appropriation and Property Tax Levy
  • O-19-23 - Property tax credits for 9-1-1 Specialists and Public Safety Officers - For the purpose of granting property tax credits and property tax relief allowed by Maryland state law for the City of Annapolis 9-1-1 specialists and public safety officers in the Annapolis Fire Department and Police Department; and generally related to city tax credits.
  • O-20-23 - Chesapeake Nautical Cruises, LLC, Lease - For the purpose of authorizing a City of Annapolis pilot lease with Chesapeake Nautical Cruises, LLC, for docking space at City Dock; and generally related to City Dock boat slips and boardwalk. This is another “party boat” that is seeking to secure a “pilot lease” for City Dock. I have concerns about this. We have referred this to our Maritime Advisory Board. We have received a number of random lease requests, ranging from another party boat to a jet boat downtown. For a residential maritime area I’m not sure this is appropriate. How are these leases being reviewed/vetted by staff? Do we have internal rules & procedures governing these leases?
  • O-14-23 - Annual Budget and Appropriation and Property Tax Levy

Legislation being introduced on first reader

  • O-21-23 - Landlord-Tenant Relations - Relocation Expenses - For the purpose of requiring a landlord to pay a tenant a relocation payment if the tenant's housing is condemned as unfit for human habitation under certain circumstances; requiring a landlord to provide a tenant with a right of first refusal to re-occupy rental housing under certain circumstances; and generally related to landlord-tenant relations.
  • R-29-23 - Recognition of City of Annapolis Public Service Employees - For the purpose of expressing the sense of the City Council that the City's public service employees should be commended for their dedication and continued service to the City of Annapolis.
  • R-30-23 - Naming of New Department of Public Works Complex - For the purpose of naming the new Department of Public Works facility on 39 Hudson Street for former City Manager and current Public Works Director David A. Jarrell.
  • R-31-23 - Annapolis Classic Wooden Sailboat Race & Rendezvous - Docking Fee Waiver - For the purpose of waiving certain fees for docking the Annapolis Classic Wooden Sailboat Race & Rendezvous at the Annapolis City Dock for September 8 through September 10, 2023.
  • R-32-23 - Annapolis All-Stars Youth Sports Program Fee Waiver - For the purpose of waiving certain City of Annapolis fees for the Annapolis All-Stars II, Inc., a youth sports program.

Legislation on second reader (i.e. final vote)

  • R-28-23 - Reclassifying the Deputy Director of Emergency Management - For the purpose of approving the reclassification of the Deputy Director of Emergency Management to a Grade 18; and specifying an effective date. I’ll quote Alderman Arnett for this one: This resolution reclassifies the Deputy Director of Emergency Management position from Grade 14 to Grade 18. The FY2023 pay range for Grade 14 is $69,353 to $116,914. The FY2023 pay range for Grade 18 is $92,617 to $156,133. Resolutions are the way that the City Council expresses its policy preferences, and clearly members believe that the pay rate for this position should be increased, as do I. However, there is a Civil Service process that must be followed, despite the Council’s will. I’ll reserve making my voting decision until I receive input from you.

Community & Political updates

Navigating Annapolis During US Naval Academy Commissioning Week (May 21-26)

City Announces Grand Opening of Hillman Garage - June 14

Memorial Day in Annapolis: Parade on Monday, May 29; City Offices Closed

Annapolis 2023 Pride Parade and Festival Set for June 3 in Downtown

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