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  • Mel Heiliger Art Manheim
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  • Peter Vail
    Curious about a few items on the alcohol fee cap. How much revenue did the ordinance bring in last year? How much revenue will be lost if it is enacted? Happy to do the Math if you want to provide the data.

    in general I believe all legislation concerning revenue generation, especially reductions, should have the impact fully communicated.
  • Laurel Maury
    Could you speak with the Giant in Bay Ridge? None of the checkout people wore gloves or had hand sanitizer. Only three checkout lines were open, but the were all open next to each other, so no social distancing between lines. The self-checkout kiosks were all open and all full, so people were standing closer than three feet together when they checked out groceries. No one was enforcing social distancing in the checkout lines. I wish they would be more careful. I’m at risk of dying of the virus, as are the other two people in my household
  • Judi Gordon
    Once again, Rob! Your news letter is great. And again, you keep us informed and question the Mayor. Which I think is great. (He seems to be a rogue Mayor. Doing things without the “team” of the City Counsel. ). I appreciate all you do. And yes, I think the bike path would work. Thank you Rob !
  • Judi Gordon

    I owe Mr. Savidge an apology! I appreciate the newsletters, invites to Town Halls and really like and am grateful Rob is working for us. I mis judged too soon. We may not agree on a bike path, however, Rob has been consistent and I “get” his heart for Ward 7.

    Especially holding our Mayor accountable. Watching the council meetings by tv, Rob is the one who is asking the most questions! Thank you for that!!!

    Again, please accept my apology and call it bi-partisan work!

    Judi Gordon
  • Leanne Dotson
    Mr Savidge

    Would you be able to contact Public Works and remind them tha Blackwell Road below Turner Road is also a part of the City and needs plowing.

    We have an unusual situation in that one side of the street is County and one is City.

    There are a large number of homes on the City side that pay thousands of tax dollars for services.

    Thank you for your help.
  • Sylvia Stone
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  • Sylvia Stone
  • Sylvia Kraemer
    Thank you for the Town Meeting on Tues. Hope to see you May 10th at the Library.

    Sylvia Stone Kraemer
  • Sylvia Kraemer
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  • Jane Hruska
    What is your address?
  • Diana Williams
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