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Rob has made Annapolis his home for over 15 years with his wife Becca and son Whit. He fell in love with the Chesapeake Bay while earning a degree in Environmental Studies (minor in Business Management) at Washington College on the Eastern Shore. His professional career started with the Chesapeake Bay Program, supporting the efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay. From there Rob worked for a number of years in private consulting as an Environmental Scientist, Ecological Restoration Scientist, and Sustainability Specialist, before starting his career with local government.

Rob was employed by the City of Annapolis, as a Sustainability Coordinator and Environmental compliance Inspector, where he reviewed development projects and authored the City's climate action plan. Rob currently works for Anne Arundel County as a Project Manager Engineer for stormwater management projects, managing a multi-million dollar budget. 


family boatingIn his free time, Rob enjoys hiking and boating with his family and working for positive change in the community.  He spends a significant amount of time organizing in the community to protect our quality of life on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula, fighting to ensure our environment is maintained, our traffic doesn't worsen, our schools don't become overcrowded, and our communities stay safe. He regularly attends City Council and commission hearings/meetings, advocating for the community.  He has also assisted with drafting legislation as both a City employee and as a citizen. Rob will bring his first-hand knowledge of local government to the City Council.




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    Public hearings on forests, stormwater, & upcoming Fall Town Hall

    For my first legislative push I've decided to focus largely on development issues, as every day that passes means more projects get approved that will impact our quality of life. I campaigned on tackling this issue and that's just what I'm trying to do. But it isn't easy. The Capital recently wrote an article on my efforts, and you can read that here. In it, you'll see that I'm getting quite a bit of pushback from the development industry, who has labeled me as “dangerous”. Well, if dangerous means honoring my campaign promises, pushing back against an entrenched special interest, trying to improve the quality of life for all Annapolitans, and trying to undo all of the impacts from the out of control development we've experienced, then I'm guilty as charged. I will need your help if I am to improve this legislation and get it passed. If you have any comments or suggestions on any of this, please contact me.  Also, If you are able to attend or submit testimony in support of any legislation you feel strongly about, that would be quite helpful.

    I’ll have a few other Ward 7 updates below, and please mark your calendars that my next Town Hall meeting will be on October 24th from 6-8pm, at the Eastport-Annapolis Neck library.

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    Traffic solution for Bay Ridge, public hearings, and fall town hall

    What a busy month! This past week I went to the ribbon cutting event for the removal of the fence (located on Victor Parkway) dividing Victor Haven and Fairwinds. The fence has been replaced with removable bollards, as it will not be open to regular vehicular traffic. The good thing is, we now have a detour route off the peninsula when there are accidents at the corner of Bay Ridge and Forest Drive (happens too often!), it’s much more bicycle friendly, and represents the One Annapolis that I think we all are striving for.

    Additionally,  I have a number of pieces of legislation working their way through the process that I would like to update you on, and hopefully get your support for. You’ll have an opportunity this Monday to comment on some of them. I’ll include details on the Council meeting, legislation, and various Ward 7 updates below, including my fall Town Hall meeting.

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