Bike to work day

savidge bike to workDid you happen to notice more bicyclists on the road yesterday?  I hope so, because it was national Bike to Work Day.  I was one of many commuters across Annapolis yesterday who left their cars at home and bicycled to work.  

My route took me down Georgetown Road and through some neighborhood streets before heading down Forest Dr to Riva Rd.  It was an ideal way to get some exercise on my way to and from work.  But it also gave me a better perspective of the infrastructure improvements we need in order to provide better mobility options not just for bicyclists, but pedestrians as well.  There were parts of my ride where I did not feel safe riding on the road so I felt compelled to take to the side walks.  In addition, there were intersections along the way that are confusing enough for drivers to navigate, let alone pedestrians and bicyclists.  There is no reason why the major thoroughfares through Annapolis shouldn't accommodate a full range of transit options:  cars, bikes, pedestrians, public transit.  Annapolis wants to be a bike-able town, but has the city really made it a priority and provided the investments necessary to make that happen?

The City of Annapolis has a Bicycle Master Plan that was adopted in 2011 and is part of Annapolis' overall Comprehensive Plan.  As alderman, I will make mobility a priority for the residents of Ward 7, not just for cars, but bicycles and pedestrians as well.  I will encourage the city to review the current bicycle master plan and update where necessary.  Traffic concerns is one of the top priorities for Ward 7 residents and the solutions to these traffic woes must be diverse, improve our neighborhoods, and provide greater mobility for all our residents.

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