Need to hear from parents, next Council meeting, & more

This month our Council meetings are on back-to-back Mondays, hence this extra newsletter. Here's some information on that and more.

Special announcements

Town hall meeting

I’ve scheduled my first town hall meeting for April 17th from 6-7:30pm at the Eastport Library. I’ll probably kick it off with a few remarks and then just open the floor to your questions and comments. I hope you can join me! I look forward to hearing your concerns and comments.

Report on last Council Meeting

Wrecked or non-operating vehicles ordinance

We were supposed to vote on this ordinance at the last meeting, but we needed to get some clarification on what body can hear appeals, so we postponed this ordinance. We will be voting on it this Monday. I plan to vote in favor, pending any comments from you.

We still need to hear from parents

We had a public hearing on the ordinance dealing with school overcrowding. I'll paste more on this ordinance below, but the only people who came out to testify on this ordinance were developers, all of whom were against the proposal. They have urged us to either vote this down or to create an exception for affordable and workforce housing.  What do the parents out there think about it? We would very much like to hear from you.

overcrowded schools

March 19th City Council meeting

Public hearings

  • O-8-18 Adequate School Facilities.(this is co-sponsored by me)  Please come and speak to this and let us know your thoughts. All of the development we have been experiencing in Annapolis and surrounding areas has overcrowded many of our schools. While the previous Council did pass an APF ordinance that addresses school capacity, it didn’t set 100% as the limit for all of our schools; they chose 105% for Elementary and Middle schools, and 120% for our High School. It certainly isn’t acceptable that our schools are overcrowded, yet that is ultimately managed by the County. All we can do is make sure we aren’t contributing to that overcrowding. However, it should be known that this ordinance is proposing to change the percentages to 95% across the board, and if that happens, it will freeze all residential development in the City that is over 11 units in size, because Annapolis High School is over capacity. Is this acceptable to you? Should we create exceptions? Should we reduce or increase that 11-unit threshold?
  • O-13-18 - regulating the use of City emblems (sponsored by me) - This originally came about as a request from the City’s IT department, as they have had some instances of people creating fraudulent social media accounts. Additionally, this would establish a fine for those that may have used the City logo on campaign lit, which is currently prohibited by code. We did have a few instances of this from the past City election.

Final votes

  • O-12-18 - attendance at board meetings - This ordinance would allow members of certain City Boards to meet via teleconference instead of showing up in person. We spoke about this at the Rules & City Government Committee, and I’m currently not in favor of this ordinance. I feel it’s important for our boards and commissions to meet in person, as that is the most effective mode of communication. I’m also wary of opening up the door to allowing folks to regularly conduct business via telephone or video. That said, I’d welcome your thoughts on the matter.

Other announcements

Second chance hiring event

On April 25th from 10am-2pm, at the Pip Moyer Rec Center, there is an opportunity for those with criminal records to seek employment. There will be assistance with record expungement and opportunities to chat with employers.

Associated with this event on April 23rd frm 9-5 there will be a pizza & prep event. Learn ways to prepare for the hiring event, adjusting to life on the outside, resume' writing, and dressing for success. Email [email protected] to RSVP

Free stormwater management workshop for homeowners

The Annapolis Office of Environmental Policy will host a free Stormwater Maintenance Workshop for homeowner’s associations (HOA’s), condominium and civic organizations in the City of Annapolis. Homeowner’s associations and civic organizations will learn from Biohabitats Inc., professionals in stormwater management through environmental design, the basics of how to maintain their stormwater features. This is a chance for HOA and civic leaders to learn how they can upgrade their neighborhood’s stormwater management so that it will improve the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and where to apply for grants to pay for it. Professionals from Maryland Department of Natural Resources will be on hand to talk about invasive plant management.

The Stormwater Maintenance Workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 from 7-9 p.m. at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center, located at 273 Hilltop Lane, Annapolis. For more information, contact Raycine Hodo, Environmental Program Coordinator at 410-260-2200 x7887 or via email at [email protected].

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