Short term rental moratorium, community survey, & more

On this Monday’s Council agenda is the introduction of a proposed moratorium on Short Term Rentals, which would give us time to deliberate on the other STR legislation before us. There is also a Resolution responding to the frustrations we have heard regarding the parking system at our new downtown garage. If passed, we will attempt to investigate the concerns we’ve heard and gather documentation so that we can, if needed, submit a complaint to the entity running the garage regarding contract obligations. There is also a public hearing on legislation that would limit usage of our street-end parks to only during the day time. I’m not yet sure why this is being introduced but I am trying to find out more. I have some concerns with this.

We also have a community survey. Please take the time to fill it out. This really will have an impact on the services we provide in Annapolis.

Town Hall meeting – save the date!

I’ve tentatively scheduled a Ward 7 Town Hall meeting for Monday, November 20th at 6:30pm. I haven’t determined the topic or guest yet, so if you have any requests please let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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Next Council meeting – 10/23/23 (agenda)

This Council meeting is starting at 7pm and will be televised on local cable, YouTube, Facebook, and the City website.  You can submit public testimony at This will be an in-person meeting.

Public Hearings

  • O-34-23 - Street End Park Hours - For the purpose of limiting public access to the City's street end parks at night; updating the City Code for Chambers Park, Amos Garrett Park and Truxtun Park to the same restriction between sunset and sunrise; and generally related to public peace and order.

Legislation being introduced on first reader

  • O-35-23 - Civil Service Board Duties - For the purpose of clarifying and streamlining Civil Service Board duties to those related to holding hearings and deciding appeals regarding issues involving civil service employees.
  • R-54-23 - Noah Hillman Garage Parking Concession Agreement - For the purpose of starting an investigation into problems with the Noah Hillman Garage parking contractor and finding solutions to eliminate the overly complicated parking fee payment system that's discouraging the use of the parking garage.
  • R-55-23 - Temporary Moratorium on Short-Term Rental Licenses - For the purpose of implementing a temporary moratorium on the City's issuance of short-term rental licenses while the City Council considers Ordinance 32-23, Short-term Rental Licenses and Regulations, and amendments to the legislation.

Legislation on second reader (i.e. final vote)

  • O-49-22 - Planning and Zoning - Parking and Loading Regulations - Parking fee-in-lieu of meeting off-street parking requirements. - For the purpose of authorizing a parking fee-in-lieu for certain businesses required to provide parking spaces; and generally relating to off-street parking requirements. I’m still inclined to support this, pending input from you. This was an alternative to previous legislation we defeated (or it was withdrawn) that would have removed all of our parking requirements for restaurants. This alternative was to setup a process where restaurants could pay a fee-in-lieu of the parking requirements so that they could offer outdoor dining or other services in those spots. I have an amendment that would make it so this fee would go towards a new fund focused on improving mobility options so that we can move away from our overreliance on automobiles. There are a number of amendments up for consideration. I believe Alderman Arnett has also put together an alternative to this, which I still need to review. This may influence how I vote on O-49-22.
  • O-10-23 - Allowing Cigar Lounges to Serve Alcoholic Beverages - For the purpose of creating a definition of Cigar Lounge as a unique category of Tobacco Shop; and allowing cigar lounges to serve alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the consumption of premium cigars, pipe tobacco, and related products; and generally related to tobacco shops. I’m inclined to support, pending input from you.
  • O-21-23 - Landlord-Tenant Relations - Relocation Expenses - For the purpose of requiring a landlord to pay a tenant a relocation payment if the tenant's housing is condemned as unfit for human habitation under certain circumstances; requiring a landlord to provide a tenant with a right of first refusal to re-occupy rental housing under certain circumstances; and generally related to landlord-tenant relations. While I support the intention, I have legal concerns about this as expressed by our Office of Law and by the Maryland Judicial Conference Review. It doesn’t seem like the sponsor nor the appropriate Committee have attempted to amend this legislation to address the concerns raised, so until that is done I’m inclined not to support this legislation. If you have any thoughts, please let me know.
  • R-53-23 - FY 2024 Position Classifications and Pay Plan Update - For the purpose of updating the Fiscal Year 2024 annual position classifications and pay plan to reflect the Management Information Technology office name change in CA-2-23 and O-18-23; changing the deputy director emergency preparedness classification level from A14 to A17; and specifying an effective date. I’m inclined to support, pending input from you.

Community & Political updates

Annapolis Day of the Dead Festival – Oct 28


Annapolis Community Survey Underway Now Through Nov. 27

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