State of the City, budget introduced, resuming in-person

This Monday we will be resuming our in-person Council meetings, just in time for the Mayor’s State-of-the-City remarks and his introduction of the FY23 budget.

Ward 7 Town Hall meeting

After a long pandemic-induced hiatus, I’ve scheduled a Ward 7 Town Hall meeting. Please mark your calendar for May 10th, 7-8:30pm at the Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library. As usual, I could use help distributing flyers. If you can help with this in your neighborhood, please let me know as this would be a huge help.

Stay healthy and stay safe,


Next Virtual Council meeting – 4/11/22 (agenda)

This Council meeting is starting at 7pm and will be televised on local cable, Facebook, and the City website (

Anyone needing reasonable accommodation to be able to participate in a public meeting held by the City of Annapolis should contact Regina Watkins-Eldridge at 410.263.7942, by MD Relay (711), or by email at [email protected] at least five days prior to the meeting date to request assistance. You can submit public testimony at This will be an in-person meeting.

Public hearings

  • O-13-22 - Sidewalk Cafe - Defined - For the purpose of modifying the definition of sidewalk cafe. The purpose of this legislation is to cause the City Code provisions related to sidewalk cafés to apply to leased parklets where food, refreshments, and/or beverages are sold.
  • O-14-22 - Debit Card and Credit Card Payments - Convenience Fees - For the purpose of modifying the procedure for assessing convenience fees for payment of City services by debit card or credit card; and generally relating to processing convenience fees.

Legislation being introduced on First Reader

  • O-15-22 - This is the Fiscal Year 2023 budget. I don’t know what’s in it yet, so we shall see!
  • R-23-22 - Fiscal Year 2023 Fees Schedule
  • R-24-22 - Fiscal Year 2023 Fines Schedule
  • R-25-22 - Bates Middle School - HVAC Renovation Project - Waiver of Permitting Fees - For the purpose of waiving City permitting fees for the Bates Middle School HVAC renovation project. We don’t have an estimate yet how much in fees we are talking about waiving.
  • R-27-22 - Annapolis UpRigging: Maritime and Heritage Festival - Fee Waiver - For the purpose of waiving certain City fees for the docking of tall ships the Pride of Baltimore II and Lynx at the Annapolis City Dock; and expressing the support of the City Council for the First Annual Special Event "Annapolis UpRigging: Maritime and Heritage Festival". We don’t have any estimate yet on how much this will cost the City. Such a festival certainly helps to bring in economic activity downtown, however.

Motion to reconsider

  • R-18-22 - This is the legislation we approved last meeting that confirms the appointment of our new P&Z director: Michael La Place. I’m not sure why this is on the agenda again.

Legislation on second reader (i.e. final vote)

  • R-22-22 - Pilot Program to Study Commercial Outdoor Dining in Privately Owned Parking Lots - For the purpose of approving a Pilot Program to study the use of private parking lots by restaurants after the end of the period of the City's Emergency Declaration. I'm inclined to support this legislation, pending any comments from you or comments from my colleagues.




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