Town hall date, food truck legislation

Happy Autumn! Our Monday meeting has a rather short agenda, but there are two pieces of legislation up for a public hearing. More on those below.

Town Hall meeting – save the date!

I’ve tentatively scheduled a Ward 7 Town Hall meeting for Monday, November 20th at 6:30pm. I haven’t determined the topic or guest yet, so if you have any requests please let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Stay healthy and stay safe,


Next Council meeting – 10/9/23 (agenda)

This Council meeting is starting at 7pm and will be televised on local cable, YouTube, Facebook, and the City website.  You can submit public testimony at This will be an in-person meeting.

Public Hearings

  • O-27-23 - City of Annapolis Electrical Code Update - For the purpose of updating the City of Annapolis electrical code to current National Electric Code standards as published by the National Fire Protection Association, 2020 Edition, and the National Electrical Safety Code, 2023 Edition; and generally related to the city's electrical code.
  • O-29-23 - Food Truck Parking and Mobile Food Service in the City of Annapolis - For the purpose of allowing mobile food service vendors, also called "food trucks," to park for food service outside the historic district on private, non-residential property and public property if they have the property owner's permission; requiring food trucks to limit noise, pick up trash and not block public accessways; general copyediting of the code section; and generally related to mobile food service vendor requirements. This would eliminate most restrictions on where food trucks may park in Annapolis. I’m contemplating an amendment that would require that they utilize battery-powered generators to limit noise and emissions. But I’ll wait to hear the public testimony before determining my stance on this legislation.

Legislation being introduced on first reader

There is no legislation being introduced at this meeting, due to us passing legislation at our previous meeting that requires more robust staff reports (after this first week delay things should be back to their normal schedule)

Legislation on second reader (i.e. final vote)

  • R-46-23 - Tucker Street Boat Trailer Permit Non-resident Fee Increase - For the purpose of increasing the fee for non-residents to launch boats from the Tucker Street launching facility; and generally dealing with boat trailer permit fees. I’m inclined to support this, pending any comments from you.
  • R-50-23 - 2023 Military Bowl Parade and Football Game - For the purpose of identifying the Military Bowl Parade and Football Game that will be held on December 27, 2023, as a Major Special Event; and waiving charges for certain City of Annapolis costs related to city services for that event. I am inclined to support this, pending any comments from you.

Community & Political updates

Food Friday volunteers needed

Delivery Drivers Needed for weekly food distribution. Every Friday, pick up boxes at Pip Moyer (in the gymnasium, at the garage door entrance) at 11:30am. Most routes are coordinated to be within a single neighborhood/area of the City. Must be able to lift 20lbs and have a car that holds 12-14 boxes. (most cars do!) To sign up, contact Karma O'Neill, [email protected].

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