Town Hall meeting Monday

This Monday I am holding a Town Hall event for Ward 7, from 6:30-8pm at the Eastport Annapolis Neck Library. I would like to get your thoughts on some pending legislation and get your feedback on some of my own legislation that I'm working on, with most of the meeting being dedicated to an open discussion about City/Ward issues you may want to discuss. 

As far as the pending legislation from others, of particular note is O-40-22, which would open up ALL of our lower density residential neighborhoods to hotels and apartments (actually applies to all zoning districts except for industrial and maritime), bypassing the normally robust and democratic comprehensive planning process that would be required when amending zoning districts. While it would at least be below market rate housing, which we certainly need more of, the way this legislation accomplishes this is not the right way. Such changes to our communities needs to be done in a process that includes a dialog with those impacted by any changes. I need to decide whether I'm going to seek to amend this legislation or just vote against it, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and figuring out a way forward together. 

As far as my legislation that's in development, one in particular I want to discuss deals with Short Term Rentals (aka Air B&B properties). Owner-occupied properties have not been an issue, but those where the owners are out of town investors have caused disruption in neighborhoods by contributing noise, parking, traffic safety (speeding), and other such impacts. If you have experiences, good or bad, with such properties in Annapolis, please come on out and let me know, as hearing your perspective will be helpful as I figure out what to include in my legislation. 

Lastly, if you can help with distributing flyers (NOT in mailboxes, but on doors), please let me know, as I could use all the help I can get as we only have a few days left to get the notices out. Also, if there is anything else you want me to address at the Town Hall let me know and I'll try to get answers for you. 

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  • Rob Savidge