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Rob has made Annapolis his home for over 15 years with his wife Becca and son Whit. He fell in love with the Chesapeake Bay while earning a degree in Environmental Studies (minor in Business Management) at Washington College on the Eastern Shore. His professional career started with the Chesapeake Bay Program, supporting the efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay. From there Rob worked for a number of years in private consulting as an Environmental Scientist, Ecological Restoration Scientist, and Sustainability Specialist, before starting his career with local government.

Rob was employed by the City of Annapolis, as a Sustainability Coordinator and Environmental compliance Inspector, where he reviewed development projects and authored the City's climate action plan. Rob currently works for Anne Arundel County as a Project Manager Engineer for stormwater management projects, managing a multi-million dollar budget. 


family boatingIn his free time, Rob enjoys hiking and boating with his family and working for positive change in the community.  He spends a significant amount of time organizing in the community to protect our quality of life on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula, fighting to ensure our environment is maintained, our traffic doesn't worsen, our schools don't become overcrowded, and our communities stay safe. He regularly attends City Council and commission hearings/meetings, advocating for the community.  He has also assisted with drafting legislation as both a City employee and as a citizen. Rob will bring his first-hand knowledge of local government to the City Council.




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    Council re-convenes, City elections update

    Hello again! It has been a while! I took a nice long break during the August recess of the Council, took some much-needed family time, but now it’s time to get back into the Council work. We have 4 meetings left in this term until our “sine die”. I have a number of pieces of legislation on the docket that I’ll be hoping to bring to a positive conclusion:

    • Police Enhancement And Community Engagement (PEACE) ordinance, which would transition more towards community policing, enacts common sense reforms, adopts recommendations from the AA County gun violence task force, and much more;
    • Forest Conservation tweak – closing two loopholes; and
    • Requiring permits when removing trees over 23” anywhere in City.

    I’ll include a few election updates below, but I do want to note that you will NOT be receiving a primary election ballot since there are no contested primary races in our Ward. You WILL receive a general election ballot. I also want to say a big THANK YOU, and say that I look forward to representing you for another 4-years. I hope to organize a town hall in October at an outdoor venue.

    Stay healthy and stay safe,


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    ward 7 environmental emergency - legislative update

    I’d like to fill you in on an environmental emergency out at ironically named Parkside Preserve (aka Reserve at Quiet Waters), which instead of preserving our newest park instead has polluted it. I’ll provide details below in the updates section. But if it outrages you that developers polluted public lands, sensitive non-tidal wetlands that form the headwaters of Quiet Waters Park, and broke the law to do so, then please read on.

    Also, this is our last Council meeting before our August break, and it’s our last meeting for us to introduce Ordinances before the end of our terms (unless we suspend the rules); hence, we have quite a bit of legislation on the agenda.

    In case you didn’t notice from the last meeting, we postponed the Short Term Rental legislation vote until this Monday, we voted down the medical cannabis legislation after it was weakened with some poison amendments, and we passed the legislation that allows the proposed Lidl grocery store to connect to our sewer and water.

    Also, at the start of our Monday meeting, at 6pm, we will be having a closed door meeting speaking about the Hillman parking garage replacement project. Our regular meeting starts at 7pm.

    Lastly, I’m introducing two pieces of legislation to address some loopholes in the City regarding tree/forest protection that we uncovered recently. More information on these below.

    Stay healthy and stay safe,



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