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Rob has made Annapolis his home for over 15 years with his wife Becca and son Whit. He fell in love with the Chesapeake Bay while earning a degree in Environmental Studies (minor in Business Management) at Washington College on the Eastern Shore. His professional career started with the Chesapeake Bay Program, supporting the efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay. From there Rob worked for a number of years in private consulting as an Environmental Scientist, Ecological Restoration Scientist, and Sustainability Specialist, before starting his career with local government.

Rob was employed by the City of Annapolis, as a Sustainability Coordinator and Environmental compliance Inspector, where he reviewed development projects and authored the City's climate action plan. Rob currently works for Anne Arundel County as a Project Manager Engineer for stormwater management projects, managing a multi-million dollar budget. 


family boatingIn his free time, Rob enjoys hiking and boating with his family and working for positive change in the community.  He spends a significant amount of time organizing in the community to protect our quality of life on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula, fighting to ensure our environment is maintained, our traffic doesn't worsen, our schools don't become overcrowded, and our communities stay safe. He regularly attends City Council and commission hearings/meetings, advocating for the community.  He has also assisted with drafting legislation as both a City employee and as a citizen. Rob will bring his first-hand knowledge of local government to the City Council.




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    Public hearings on short term rental adj & gas leaf blower ban, Wells cove vote

    Please note that our Council meeting is on Tuesday this week, NOT Monday. Here is information on our next meeting:

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    New legislation on Short term rentals, noise (leaf blowers), Forest conservation act

    Monday is our first City Council meeting after our August recess, so it’s a bit of a packed agenda with a number of new pieces of legislation being introduced. Here are a few highlights:

    Short term rental licensing

    I am introducing legislation that seeks to close a few loopholes with our short term rental licensing. We had an issue with some outside investors with shared financial interests who were buying up property and using different names or business entity names on their applications, in an effort to get around our 1 STR per owner rules. I am also seeking to clarify language around suspension and revocation of permits in an effort to deal with nuisance properties.

    Noise ordinance updates

    The second piece of legislation I worked on with of a few of my colleagues, that’s being introduced, seeks to update our noise restrictions in three ways: 1. Essentially bans gas-powered leaf blowers due to their noise and emissions, 2. Creates noise restrictions for the new party boats (and general boats) that are on our creeks, and 3. Bans the use of high-frequency sound emitters due to impacts to pets and some people.

    Forest conservation – update to appeals

    The third piece of legislation I’m introducing is a tweak to our forest conservation laws. It would require that P&Z place a stay (halt) on any forest clearing if there is an appeal to a local appeal board, empower them to stay clearing on state appeals, move appeals to the Zoning Board of Appeals rather than the Building Board of Appeals (makes it more consistent with code), and closes an old loophole where Planned Development projects approved before a certain date received a blanket exemption to the laws.

    Wells Cove water access public hearing

    There is a public hearing on my legislation dealing with the Wells Cove public water access easement. If you support this access and want it fully unimpeded and fully enacted and signed by the City, please come out and support this legislation to submit comments.

    Stay healthy and stay safe,


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